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In today’s world online, conversion rate optimization is more important than ever. Web traffic is often inconsistent and each first impression your brand’s website makes with a visitor is incredibly important. If your web visitors aren’t engaging with your brand and moving into your lead or sales funnel, there is a very high probability that they will not come back to your website, nor ever inquire with your brand again.


This is a lost opportunity for your business and if conversion rate optimization (CRO) is not top of mind, this loss in new business opportunity will only compound over time. This makes your business growth very expensive overall.


By utilizing a very holistic approach and process that encompasses advanced user experience (UX) design, user interface (UI) design, content, and neuroscience, our CRO services can drastically increase your web leads, sales, and revenue.


What exactly is conversion rate optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of optimizing your website or a landing page experience to increase the behavior(s) you desire from your users on the website or on said landing page.


Often, CRO campaign goals on a high-level are to increase the # of new business leads (web or phone calls) and/or # of web sales. Yet, it will start with improving the conversion rate.


For example, your website sells shoes and you have 100 different shoes for sale. The average conversion rate is 2.5% across all web pages. However, through a CRO audit, it’s uncovered that you can reduce the steps to check out from 7 to 5 total. This makes it much easier for the user to purchase and complete a web sale.


When testing this new CRO solution, your business now increases your average conversion rate to 3.5%, which is a fairly big improvement and even without increasing your web traffic, can produce more sales revenue for your business.


CRO Keys to Success


1/ Page Speed 

If your website is slow loading, you’re going to have a very high bounce rate. It won’t even matter what web page your traffic is trying to access, nor how amazing the web design and content for that page is, if it’s taking a few seconds to load, people are just going to quit and bounce.

They’ll never learn who you are, inquire about your services, or buy a product. Even worse, most of these visitors will never come back to your website again. Speed matters – always.


2/ Landing Page Design 

Great landing pages that encompass great UX & UI design principles with clear, concise, and credible content often win more business than others who do not incorporate great UX and content with simple CTA.


From engaging headlines, product or service features, images, content, the use of color psychology, and more, we utilize advance neuromarketing tactics that will drive exceptional results in line with your more aggressive KPIs.


3/ Effective CTA (call-to-action)

It seems pretty straightforward, but more often than not, an effective CTA is missing from brands of all types & sizes in the most important areas of their website and/or landing pages. 


A CTA is a simple request to get your prospective customer to take action, whether it’s requesting a demo, filling out a web form, or taking advantage of 10% off sale with free shipping if they buy now.


CTAs are important, but using advanced conversion rate optimization tactics are imperative to increase CRO effectiveness in relation to an increase in customers and revenue.


4/ Color Psychology  

Colors play an important role in conversion rate optimization too. From brand identity, to background colors, CTA button colors, and more, simple changes to the colors you use can play a very strategic role in really increasing your conversions.


Matching colors that appeasing to both sexes, or using colors best for finance, or colors best for women, or colors best for luxury, or beauty brands, the use of color psychology in your conversion rate optimization strategy will definitely set your brand apart from your competition when it comes to accruing more business.


5/ Neuromarketing

By utilizing & measuring neural signals to gain deeper insights into consumers preferences, motivations, and decisions, we can combine intense behavioral research with UX, content, and other applicable CRO campaign solutions to increase desired behaviors at scale.


By implementing conversion rate optimization strategies that target consumers’ limbic structures (the brain areas associated with emotions, memories, and unconscious processing) we can generate the engagement & behavior brands desire to generate from their target customers online.


Why is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

Conversion rate optimization is important to your bottom line because it ultimately will lower your CAC (cost to acquire a customer). You will get more business value out of the users you already have coming to your website when optimizing for conversions. 


For example, if you have a web page that gets 1,000 unique visitors per month and converts 5% of visitors into leads (goal = demo requests), then you would get 50 new business leads per month. 


However, if you experiment with A/B testing and behavioral marketing, and you increase conversions by 50% and average a 7.5% conversion rate, you’d get 75 new business leads per month. 


If a customer is worth $10,000 in ARR to your business and you have a 30% close rate, then conversion optimization in this case would end up driving some $2.7 Million in new business revenue. 


As long as CRO is in focus and improving, it makes sense to invest more in driving in high quality traffic – especially via SEO, which is higher quality and has higher conversions. 

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