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SEO Link Building Services

Perhaps your company has created a nice website with fast load times, a lot of great content, product page descriptions, meta tags, schema, and fairly good technical SEO throughout your website. Yet, your website is not getting the super high keyword rankings you feel you deserve. 


Well, there’s usually a big reason why you don’t rank and it’s because of a lower domain authority (DA) which is due to a not having high quality backlinks with good DA. However, this can all change for the better, but your website needs to earn consistent, high domain authority backlinks from authoritative websites with quality content. 


Google has confirmed that backlinks and quality content are two of the top search ranking factors for SEO purposes. Since trustworthy sites often tend to link back to other trustworthy websites, and spammy websites tend to link to spammy websites, Google prefers to rank the higher quality websites that are more trustworthy. 


Our SEO link building services can help your company accomplish higher SERPs (search engine ranking positions) for most all of your target keywords by earning high domain authority backlinks to your content online from dozens to thousands of high DA websites. 


From blogger outreach to high DA websites, organic social media marketing, online press, and more – we can consistently generate high DA backlinks from MOZ DA 30-90+ websites at scale with relevant content across business, news, tech, fashion, beauty, cannabis, automotive, gaming, lifestyle, along with any targeted industry online publication. 


What exactly are backlinks?

Essentially a backlink is an inbound HTML hyperlink that points from one website to your website. Backlinks are referred to as the currency of the web. It is basically word-of-mouth online where a website that trusts your content will link back to it in their content. 


Since the 1990s, major search engines like Google have treated backlinks as votes that build popularity, trustworthiness, and authority for brands online. The more high quality backlinks your website has, the higher rankings and traffic you will receive to your content pages.


However, not all backlinks are created equal. That is why SEO link building is vital for brands to focus on high quality, high DA backlinks, and not fall for generating hundreds to thousands of low quality and potentially high spam backlinks, which in turn would really impede your SEO results. 


Over the years, search engines have rigorously refined the way they view and place value on backlinks by using highly advanced and routinely optimized algorithms to find, crawl, and ingest content, then analyze all the backlinks pointing to a website and it’s content in order to factor DA & PA for keyword ranking purposes. 


This is why E-A-T SEO is so important for rankings. 


What does E-A-T mean for SEO?

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Google’s Search Quality Guidelines on E-A-T for SEO ranking purposes.


The websites that do not show these characteristics often are perceived as lower quality and lack visibility, yet websites that show a higher degree of these characteristics will often have high visibility with keyword search rankings, and in turn receive much more organic traffic. 


Creating website content that is considered expert, authoritative, and trustworthy should be paramount in your overall SEO strategy, however, it doesn’t stop there. This is why high DA SEO link building is vital to increasing the PA for your content, which will help boost your overall DA too. In turn, your website will get much more search visibility and organic traffic over time.


E-A-T SEO Backlinks with High DA

The more popular and authoritative a website that links back to yours is, the higher the weight and value that link provides to your website and overall SEO too. 


For example a website like (DA 98) that has over 55 million backlinks to it would indicate that it provides a lot of expertise, trust, and value to those sites linking to it. This in turn has made Wikipedia into a high authority domain on the web. 


To build popularity, trust, and domain authority, your SEO link building strategies will need backlinks from websites that demonstrate a higher degree of E.A.T. to rank well. Your SEO link building campaigns don’t need to be all wikipedia type websites (which are harder to earn backlinks) but a good mix of quality websites with DA 30-90 range.


Do-follow -vs- No-follow Backlinks for SEO 

Remember that all backlinks are not created equal, not just because of their DA, but also when it comes down to do-follow backlinks and no-follow backlinks. 


Since backlinks act as “votes” in the search engine rankings world, a rel=nofollow backlink is essentially a backlink that removes the “vote” to your website. It tells Google, that a website is linking to you, yet for Google not to give you a “vote” for SEO purposes.


The rel=nofollow tells Google to not follow the backlink to your website. However, search engines will most often still follow the backlink to discover the content the backlink is pointing to, yet these links do not pass any link equity (link popularity signal) or sometimes referred to as “link juice” to the page it links to. 


However, when it comes to SEO link building, the focus is primarily on rel=dofollow backlinks, yet a good mix of both no-follow and do-follow backlinks is helpful. Google will most often crawl most all of your backlinks and knows that many major websites and social media networks have implemented rel=nofollow on HTML hyperlinks that link to other sites too. 


This should not deter your SEO link building efforts to generate a diverse backlink profile from high DA websites, social media networks, press outlets, blogs, and more, in addition to internal linking too from your own website.


Your Backlink Profile for SEO

Your backlink profile is an algorithmic assessment by search engines that encompasses of all the inbound links your website has earned: the total number of backlinks, backlink quality (low spam vs high spam), backlink diversity (do you have 100 links from the same website?, or 100 links from 100 different websites?, etc), along with other factors too. 


A strong and diverse backlink profile is vital to SEO success and should be high focus on your brand’s overall SEO link building campaign efforts too.


Importance of Content Relevant Backlinks

Generating backlinks from content-specific websites that are more relevant to your website’s content are generally stronger backlinks for your brand than those that are not similar. 


If your website is generally about selling pet food, then your SEO link building campaigns should try to focus more on earning backlinks from pet food type websites.


If your SEO link building is generating a lot of text links from content that is irrelevant to you, then this can be counterintuitive to your SEO efforts by sending confusing signals to the search engines of what your web pages are really about. 


Extra Benefits of SEO Link Building Campaigns

Aside from the organic traffic growth SEO link building can help generate, another key benefit to link building is the increase in referral traffic to your website too. This traffic can come from social media, blogs, news sites, press releases, and more. 


This is why incorporating a very holistic SEO link building strategy that focuses on scaling a diverse profile of backlinks from high DA websites, social media, blogs, press, and more can really drive a massive impact with increasing high intent organic traffic, new business, and revenue for less the cost to acquire a new customer than most other channels.


Our team of SEO experts has over 15 years of experience helping startups with SEO to running large international SEO campaigns for enterprise businesses too in order to scale their organic traffic, business leads, online web sales, new customers and revenue with tier-1 SEO link building strategies like no other SEO agency. 

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