Social Media Marketing Services

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Social Media Marketing Services

Looking to grow your business through social media marketing?

We can help you do that more effectively and more cost effective than most other social media marketing agencies. 


Utilizing a unique approach and process, together with you, we’ll build a personalized social media marketing plan to reach (and surpass) your short and long term business goals. 


Depending on your customer and revenue goals, along with the budget allocated to growing your business, we can identify your checkered flag and work backwards to build an actionable plan with realistic goals we can achieve working together. 


There are two paths we can take separately or simultaneously when it comes to marketing your business via social media organically and/or via paid ad campaigns. 


But first, we need to prioritize a few things.


1/ Identify & Set Realistic Goals

What is your end goal here? Or, do you have several KPIs you need to achieve? What are your short-term and long-term goals here? Do you have good, great, and stretch goals to achieve? 


There’s a lot we can do but the more information we have to plan against the better we can focus our plans to ensure success. Some things we’ll need to identify are: 


Are you trying to increase new business leads? 

If so, by how much each week, month, or quarter? 


Are you trying to increase ecommerce sales? 

If so, by how much each week, month, or quarter? 

Bonus: Do you know your average conversion rate? CAC? CLTV?

Extra bonus: How much are you trying to increase your conversion rate by? Lower your CAC by? and/or increase your CLTV by?


Are you trying to build brand awareness?

If so, what would a great success rate be for you? 

# of increased brand impressions? 
# of new website visitors? 
Engagement on posts (or ads)? 


Are you trying to grow your brand’s audience? 

If so, what matters most to you?

# of new followers and/or fans? 


Are you trying to increase community engagement?

If so, what matters most to you?

Increase Likes / Comments / Shares on your posts?


Are you trying to increase referral traffic to your website?

If so, to your homepage, blog content, lead page, product(s)?

Or, are your social media marketing goals some or all of the above?


You’ll see there’s a lot that can be done, but the more we can focus our goals and planning together, the better we can drive realistic but exceptional results that drive meaningful growth and ROI. 


We can do this through various proven tactics using a blend of content marketing, #hashtags, boosted posts, targeted ad buys, and organic sharing with networks of contacts that can get your posts trending with target hashtags. 


Taking a holistic approach, we can test several different hypotheses and quickly scale what’s working best for your business. 


A big bonus to social media marketing is that when done effectively, it can really help boost your SEO too, while simultaneously helping your brand increase your SERPs (search engine ranking positions) for dozens to hundreds to many thousands of various keyword searches. 


In turn, you’ll also increase organic traffic to your website too, while lowering your overall cost per visitor and increasing your leads & sales at scale for your business. 


2/ Research Your Target Audience & Ideal Customer(s)

We don’t make assumptions here and you shouldn’t either. Instead, we utilize a lot of data inputs and apply mathematical & scientific approaches to architecting a plan to execute on. 


We shy away from vanity metrics as KPIs. They don’t do any business any good – ever. Often we hear things from startup CEOs or VPs of Marketing like: “we just want to increase our website traffic” to “we want to increase our facebook likes by 300% this year” to “we want to reach 100,000 monthly visitors by the end of the year” to “we want more engagement on social media” and so on… 


Here’s the thing, not all traffic is equal or even valuable. Sure, we can pump in hundreds of thousands of visitors within days, but if the bounce rate is 90%+ and they’re not buying or inquiring – then what good is that for you? 


It’s a big zero. Plus, a lot of wasted time, energy, money, and lost opportunity. So, we focus on real, tangible goals. 


More precisely, how can we reach your ideal customer in the most effective and efficient way possible? 

How many of these target customers are there? 

How much can we scale this channel? 

What are the paid costs to do this (CPC or CPM)?

Where do they hang out in (groups & forums)? 

Can we target them organically too with great content?
Probably so. 

What social media platforms are utilizing? 


Remember now, each major social media site may have many of the same target customers that use them, but when that person is on Facebook or LinkedIn or YouTube, their attention and engagement for content is not the same when on another platform. 


Facebook and YouTube are premium destinations for running ads because their user bases are more higher-income.


Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok are where the majority of millennials and Gen-Z can be found.


Pinterest is primarily visited by women, has very high engagement, and boasts the highest AOV (average order value) for referring social shoppers.


LinkedIn is the professionals network, primarily targeting well-educated users looking for industry-specific content.


Our goal is to focus our efforts on networks where your core audience is already active and target your ideal customer with the right ads and/or right content that will get the most attention & engagement, and in turn, drive the most new business for your company at a lower CAC. 


3/ Create Engaging Content and/or Ads

Once we have our goals and target audience(s) identified, we can collaborate with your team to create engaging content (blog posts, videos, infographics, etc), resurface older content, and/or create eye-catching & click-driving ads. 


By now, we should have a very good idea of what social media sites we’re going to utilize, budget allocation to sponsored posts, direct ad placements, ad creation, content creation, and/or organic sharing of your content on a variety of social media groups and forums too. 


4/ Campaign Planning & Roadmaps 

How timely are we going to be with targeting your ideal customer audience?


Do you want to target them with trendy content or series of storytelling / brand building content? Or, just a series of ads for direct response? 


Together, we’ll plan this out and take small steps that can scale up quickly to drive much bigger results. 


5/ Test, Analyze, Optimize, and Scale 

When running paid advertising campaigns via social media. We’ll need to really harness the power of statistical data and make educated decisions quickly to best optimize and scale your growth. 


Whether we’re sponsoring content posts on Facebook and/or Twitter or running several different ad placements, matching the content, ads, and a full funnel view will be at the core of making our next moves to best fine tune and scale your growth.


From 0 to 1, 1 to 3, and 3 to 10X+ growth is where we want to go. 


Need help with your social media marketing strategy?

You can count on our team of social media marketing experts to help you. We have been in this space for 15 years. From friendster and Myspace to the early days of Facebook and everything that’s come into existence since then. 


From organic social media marketing growth tactics that generate viral growth to running social media ad campaigns that generate over 1.5% CTR, high engagement, high sharing, and drive thousands of new business leads, sales, and millions of dollars in new revenue – our team and go-to partners can accelerate your growth unlike any other social media agency. 


Ask us anything. We’re here to help. Always.

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